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May 27, 2006



If they could do something like this with the subway system I would be happy.

Andy (美国土子)

It's so silly thinking the card will break... but that type of thinking isn't atypical for a society that used to cash only.

It's nice to see another city adopting the smart card system. The Octopus Card (八达通) in Hong Kong pioneered this technology and has been a success since it's implementation in 1997. Most forms of public transportation, trains, metro, bus, light bus, ferry, trams, have readers installed. You simply just walk through the gates or get on the bus and you don't even have to remove the card from your wallet or purse... you pass your wallet/purse over the reader and you're paid in. It's so much more efficient.

I even have a card myself, so when I get to HK, I can start using it the minute I'm off the airplane. My sis didn't have a card the last time we were in town... and we got fed up after buying single fare tickets after after 2 days. It's so convenient... the bad part is that you can spend oodles of money on transport and not know it! Not to mention you can also use the card at McCrapolds, 7-11, other retailers, and parking meters.


I think it will be at least one more year before you can go all the way to the 7-11 with the card here. More than likely, the government will make the people charge the card with their own money, then some people will loose them, and it will be a real real mess. Then they will figure it out. Aparently, Korea has it's system working very well.

sun jee

What up with Shawn thesedays? I miss reading his blog. Is he ok?


Getting really curious about ling lings post i visited that kimchi pot site even though it just makes fun of shawn, but there was a post from you looking for contact info for Julie and John.....can you fill us in, even people who hated Shawn are very concerned about him.

Jin Kang

Is it true? If so it is a sad day, he will be missed. I hope people remember Shawn for his interesting points of view and his passion for new adventures. Also regarding some information you were looking for... I am sure you already have it, but if you don't here is her site

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