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May 17, 2006



Hey Jake,
I'm glad Shawn turned me onto your blog. You have a great sense of humor and your pictures and adventures seem exciting. Good thing you kicked that kids ass for muscling in on your girl.....hopefully he learned a valuable lesson! :^)
Keep up the entertaining and educational blog!


Hey Jake, It looks like you had a great trip. How expensive were the day trips, accomodation etc. You've motivated me to start saving!

you are lucky that plant did not take your finger off


Actually, Karl Wayne Jeff is a cousin of mine. Second, twice removed, or something like that. I think he lives in Idaho now...

jacky chan

Is this the same Shawn that you work with and has the China life Blog? What a tool that guy must be. Why are you friends with such a loser?



Great photos and write up about your trip to the Phils.

My girlfriend and I are going hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

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