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May 30, 2006



So absolutley sorry to hear that. So so so sad. I feel much like you. So sad for his family. So sad for everyone involved. What a waste. He had it so good, like you say. I don't know what else to say but look after yourself and stay strong. You have my respect; even though I may not have yours.

swiss james

Jesus that's awful, just awful.

I don't know what to say.


This post brings tears to my eyes


SUch a sad story...

I remember reading Shawn's Korea blog back in 2003... I respected him for putting a lot of personal information online despite all the negative feedback it brought on. I've also had to suffer from the same sorts of rude comments he had to face.

RIP, Shawn.


Jake, thank you. I think it was not easy for you to write in detail, but you did, and it is best for everyone.

The meal and friendship - the pictures - these are very appropriate. For Shawn and for China.

Jake, I think you have done the best for Shawn, to help him.

As you say, his story has had its choices, and they are his.

I think you have been an honest friend. Not just in this time, but in many times. No one can ask better than that.

You too rest now, and be at peace, please.

Kind regards,
Clive (Narration)


Hi Jake,

Where do I start, I so sorry for your loss, its hard to lose a friend that way. I understand that the worst time of the day is when your lying in bed trying to go asleep and all your thinking is "what if I....", trust me its pointless thinking like this. The thing that helped me get through a similar situation was focusing on the good times you two guys had.

From reading his blog it really showed how highly Shawn valued your friendship, you where a true friend to him even when others acted like complete pricks towards him on the net.

My heart also goes out to his family who have to go through all this again!

RIP Shawn.




I'm so so sorry to hear this. I'm crying... Jake, please talk about this with your own family and loved ones. You'll need some help to get over it too, I'm sure.


Jake, thank you for sharing this.
After such a long time following Shawn's observations from Korea to China it was sad that he deleted his Chinablog. And we did not know what was going on. But his Korea years are still online. I wish someone could take care of the posts.



Shawn always regarded you highly, and I can see why. I'm so sorry for your loss, and wish you peace of mind. From what I've read from his blog and yours, you did more than anyone could hope to expect from a friend. If it weren't for you, he may not have even made it to China to begin with.

RIP Shawn. And thank you, Jake.

Horace Jeffery Hodges


I didn't know Shawn, though I had read his blog a few times.

This is the first time that I've read your blog -- I came by way of Big Hominid. You wrote a good obituary for Shawn. Now, I think that I do know him.

RIP Shawn.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *




EFL Geek

My condolences go out to you, his friends and most of all his family.


Thankyou for having the courage to write this post Jake, I can only give my deepest condolences and sincerest sympathy - I did nothing more than read his blogs and I feel I have lost a friend, I cannot imagine your pain and that of his family.

RIP Shawn - I will miss your stories.


I'm so sorry Jake.

I will miss you Shawn.


You are the definition of a friend.I have been there and loss,it is going to repeat in your head alot of questions or thoughts,chin up and move on knowing you were there for him.Like I posted on his blog,if you are ever in Japan the beer is on me,welcome to write me anytime.Best wishes and prayers to you and Jiao Jiao and all those who loved Shawn.Prayers are with you.


Shawn, I just started reading your old Korean blog over the weekend while helping my 17 year old son with a project. I got hooked and thought I would see how you were doing in China. You f'ed up man. Nothing is worth that.

If anyone else reading this ever thinks of killing yourself, don't. Go join the god damn circus and shovel elephant shit or something. Remember there have been many, many people before you shoveling elephant shit if its good enough for them its good enough for you! And it must be better than what you're going through now, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be thinking of jumping off a god damn roof!

I'm married to a Korean. God knows I know how hard that can be. I lived in Asia for 6 years, etc. etc. Everyone goes through tough stuff. Its better to just f'en disappear if you have too. There is no need to do something like this.

I feel for those he left behind. I know many of you still love the guy and I don't mean to show disrepect. But others need to know this isn't the way to solve a temporary problem.


Shawn Rest in Peace man. You had the world by the balls and didn't even know it. So young too. I am sad. Condolences.


thanks for telling us...i kept thinking what happened. now, it's clear. it's just saddening coz i'm an avid reader of his blog. shocking tho but that's the condolences.


i read shawn's blog a while back. he seemed like a genuine, kind person.

i understand what it's like to deal with personal crap, and be far away from home, separated from lifelong friends and family while you're going through it.

condolences to his friends and family. i hope he's in a better place.

Nathan B.

This tragic news saddens me greatly. I enjoyed Shawn's posts at both his blogs since before I came to South Korea; I liked his personal style of writing very much. Jake, thank you for writing this moving obituary that captures the spirit of Shawn very well. My sympathies to you, his friends, and family.

Jin Kang

Thanks for the post Jake. I am truly sadden about what has happened. Also you are to be commended for your actions to this incident.


RIP Shawn. I don't know what else to say. Jake, I don't know how you could have typed all that so soon after. You must be strong.


We are shocked and saddened by this awful news.
Someone has to say this, so it will be me. We are also utterly disgusted by the amoral and pathetic excuses for humanity at Expats and the who were making Shawn's life harder, not easier with their internet harassment of him for some months now--for their sick personal amusement because they are so morally bankrupt and utterly devoid of humanity. I have no doubt their harassment played a part in Shawn's obviously depressed state of mind leading to this tragedy--they were at him and his ex-girlfriend right up until Shawn's death.
May they wake up every morning for the rest of their lives being tormented and sickened by what they were a part of. I don't believe in hell, but today I hope it for them.
Furiously trying to wash the blood off their hands--they've already deleted their sick thread celebrating their torment and humiliation of Shawn.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Shawn's family and friends. May he rest in peace now.


RIP Shawn.

It's sad to see someone who needed help die because they couldn't get the help they needed. Perhaps he will finally be at peace with his issues surrounding his father, women, and bipolar disorder. It's too bad he couldn't get help though, instead of seeing escapism as a means to stop the issues that just followed him wherever he went. People shouldn't go abroad with no support structures just because they don't like their lives back home. It's really sad, really terribly sad. My condolences.

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