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May 30, 2006



Consolation springs from sources deeper far than deepest suffering- W.Wordsworth

RIP Shawn

Rest in peace Shawn. I'm so saddened you're gone. Jake, thank you for giving the whole story for those of us who wanted to know what happened.


Just when you think your life is hard, you read something like this and it puts things back in perspective. Thank you for posting what happened, I along with many others I'm sure, had been wondering where Shawn had disappeared to.

My sympathies are with you and Shawn's family. My prayers as well.


Anonymous Coward

Shawn's archives from KLB days are still accessible:


I don't know what to say but my sympathy to his family mostly.

I love reading his blogs and he will be missed. Wish he didn't have to take that route but hope he is better where ever he is.


Thanks for telling us what you knew about what can't have been easy. My condolences to you, as well as to his friends and family,

I've been reading Shawn's blog for about 6 month or so and even shared a few private emails with him about the guitar. I always sat here so far removed from his reality and so admired what he had accomplished in his life. Being happy takes work.

I was so shocked to read Jakes post about Shawn. I wondered why someone who was strong enough to accomplish so much, would want to do such a thing? I'm sure he felt he had his reasons...but they couldn't have been good ones. He had so much to live for. It is a very sad day indeed.

Jake, obviously Shawn was very lucky to have you as his friend. It took a lot of guts to explain this information to the world...and in such a caring and precise way. Thank you for giving us the closure on Shawn. I hope he has finally found the peace he was searching for.

Respectfully, Glenn


This is sad and shocking news. I never knew Shawn personally, but the KLB was one of the first blogs I read regularly and got addicted to (especially the Geojedo stories). Rest in peace, Shawn. And good luck, Jake.


geez, shawn...what'd you go and do that for? i'll miss you, and what you wrote, and your pics. sleep well, babe.


i never met the guy but i sure did enjoy reading his korea life blog. i was actually envious when he won the blog of the year award. and i wrote to him about it. he wrote back something that cheered me up.

i know for sure whereever he is now, he is happier.


Thank you for relaying that story. Shawn's last few days were sad and painful.

I can't imagine how incredibly difficult a time it is for all of you who knew Shawn personally. I just "knew" him from his blog and I'm pretty upset.

There are so many things I want to say...about Shawn, you and all his friends, and even those pitiable souls at those expat sites who reveled in his misery and pain.

However, I think the best thing is to say:

Shawn I hope you finally found the Peace that eluded you for so long in life.

You will be missed.

Feng 37

It's one thing to line up and give condolences, but it's another thing to speak gently about his suicide as if it were his only solution, and in an approving tone at that. Suicide is not romantic or a spiritual act and it definitely doesn't solve anything. If suicide ever does one day come to be generally regarded as an available option, a way out,then what a black day for humanity that would be.


Feng, with all due respect I think you are misreading some of the comments here. People aren't condoning or encouraging suicide as a solution to anyone's problems. It is wrong and terrible. Not only for the person committing it, but for those left behind to deal with its aftermath. However, the only good that we can pull out of this is that hopefully Shawn has finally found peace. And that is what (I at least) am trying to convey in my post.


I only knew of Shawn through my occasional perusings of his blog, which I found informational when I lived in the ROK and entertaining once I moved back to the States.

Despite not having known him, this has thrown me for a loss.



Jake, I have been visiting your site hoping for an update on shawn. Thank you for being a good friend to him.

I didn't ever, ever, ever expect this though.

I have read shawn's blog for a long time. I remember the first day i found it and loved it, so i spent 3 hours going back to day one, reading every post.

I emailed shawn a few times. After his sad, last post about hurting th egirl, I emailed him with maybe get away and try another spot. Forget the girl...he couldn't. I understand. Many people get depressed from love and seek pain relievers (beer drugs etc) and many lead to this...

of course shawn had such a must have haunted him. I feel so sad and sorry for him.

Please, everyone, let's learn from shawn. Suicide is sometimes an option for if you suspect depression in someone...get them help. Not everyone can be helped, or will allow it...but we can try.

RIP shawn. As I said to you, you gave your readers so much more than we ever gave you. I will never forget.


I want to say so many things, but cannot find the words for this kind of situation.
I can't believe some people's attitute and really hope that they realize how pathetic they are.

Shawn inspired many people with his blogs and entertained others who didn't have the possibility to travel. I wish I had left a comment about his contribution.

Shawn, I hope you found some peace and say hi to my dog! :)

My condolences to you Jake, the rest of his friends and his family.


Thanks for writing this Jake. Is the site that sells his book and KLB still operating now. I wasn't sure if the company sold the books seperately or if Shawn himself had something to do with it. I'd like to order the book/blog. A little something to remember him.


Here's a news posting from a Chinese site, re: the suicide.

It says that he recently heard that his mom had an accident?


Shaun- RIP.

I feel so sad hearing this. I read his KLB and that is what inspired myself and my GF to teach there. What a shame. I have never met him and I feel as if I have known him forever. This isn't fair. I don't think it's fair to sit here and blame his ex GF's. Not their fault. There were other ways he could have dealt with this. Jake, thanks for posting this. I am not happy about this but I feel you posted the truth. That is all one could ask for at this stage. It was a nice tribute. Take care everyone. Please try to cry. Don't hold it in. I know you must feel angry and betrayed on top of being sad but it doesn't do anyone any good to hold this in. Bye.



I'm shocked. My condolences, and grief.


what a shame. i loved reading shawn's adventures for the last few years. shawn had a great talent for engaging the reader into his life. thanks for opening a window into your life. bye shawn


Shawn's mom did not have an accident. That source is the woman from the market downstairs, Shawn's Chinese wasn't great and neither is her's to be honest. His mom is having a rough time now, she thought he was going home, that is what he had been saying. Then it was the embassy that called her next.


It's a sad waste. My condolences to you, his friends, and his family. Thanks for sharing the story.


It's almost surreal to be reading this. Thanks for the report, and I send my condolences as well. Take care.


Never knew him personally, but read the blog about Korea which was just the best blog on Korea I ever read... I kind of lived with him by reading his daily routine and I was so sad when he decided to move to China. Like a good friend leaving, I was angry about his "China is so much better than Korea", but in the end I again was so happy for him that he seemed to have found his luck....but as it turns out, there were some very bad days in his life....i'm really confused about all this stuff...

I'm so sorry for all the people who knew him personally. May you all be well and RIP "Shawn Teacher"

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