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May 15, 2006



Soory to say Jake, but you awfully like the guys you see in Thailand with the rent-by-the-hour girls. Just out of curiousity, how was your luck with girls in your home country? Probably hot so hot, was it. Oh well, thumbs up for you, you got yourself a catch. As far as your gf though, poor her :)


As of this time, I have never been to Thailand, so I cannot be sure what you mean. But, I have seen some handsome, ugly, rich and not-so-rich guys with girls in the Ph and Ch and Kr. Takes all kinds, so not sure how to take your statement.

To be honest, blatantly honest, I am an average looking guy with average luck with average girls. That should be a rock song!

Cheers for your complement of Jiao Jiao, I am sure she will enjoy. For your benefit, I wil ask her if she feels poor about the situation or if she is happy.

Obviously, you have some spite and angst, I recommend "looking at the (wo)man in the mirror." How is travel in Thailand anyway?


If the first picture was to turn pervs off of asian women, I think the second picture of Jiao Jiao would bring them right back, heh. Anyways, pictures are great, looks like you had a great time.

That burn looks painful :P

Andy (食神)

You butt looks so hot.


Not sure who's thighs are chunkier, Jiao Jiao or yours?


Haha, Jake, you've got some jealous readers :)


You should have really splurged on a non-european bathing suit, jk.


This morning I saw a pretty woman in a blue skirt outside Jing Ke Long(supermarket). She looked very familiar to me. On my way to work, I was wondering where I have seen her before. oh....there she is. Jiao Jiao. hehe :)


That is right, she was there. You live in wang jing too yaya?

Jeff, Jiao Jiao bought that thing for me, i did not want to wear it. HAHA. Notice i did splurge on a banana to pack inside. HAHA

Hannah, where are your pics?


Interesting blog... and you're in the Philippines!

It's got its own set of highs and lows, so i hope you enjoy them! Try lechon kawali and crispy pata while you're there!


Do you know Shawn and ding Ling? Here is a funny site about them:



Excellent photos - makes me want to go back to the Philippines again.

In fact, I just called my travel agency and am arranging a trip with my girlfriend to Borcay.

Your photos and blog have motivated me to take my summer vacation to the Phils!

Asian pervert

Nice teeth!

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