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June 08, 2006



you ever go back to the iowa plantation steak house in da shan zi?


Hey Im sorry to put this comment here but I only found out this week of Shawn's passing.
I knew him from Korea as he took over my old job before I went to Japan where he visited me a short time later for a visa run. Im not a blog person just a guy who knew Shawn.I just wanted to show my respects.
Ben Dillon. Australia


the 2nd pic is the best

such a nice sky-bloom


Nice post, Jake. Left me with a good feeling. I have made more than one of these kinds of walks, and it is very nice to do it with your good friend.

Kind regards,
Clive (Narration)

These pictures made me miss my hometown(Beijing) which I havn't been back to for 7 years...


Wow, great pictures...I really enjoy seeing pictures you'd never see in any tourist guide book..of just everyday life in beijing. Thanks! keep up the great work!

Iridium Flash

Just some comments about Shawn that you might like to read. I know you are moving on.


Just Recieved my copy of Korea Life Blog Special Edition..I encourage all to order both from a selfish perspective (a great summer read !) and hopefully to help Shawner's kin.


Are you sure Shawn's family will benefit from sales of his book?


Who else would benefit ? Proceeds will go to whomever Shawn had stated as his heirs. If no one was explicitly stated then proceeds will go to next of kin. If you choose not to purchase on the fear that proceeds will fall into the hands of some evil doers..then that's your choice friend.


Your pictures show a side of Beijing that looks lovely and peaceful. Thanks for this little walk through the neighborhoods! Glad you enjoyed your day.


Thanks for the pics Jake. Looks like it was a great walk for you guys.


I love seeing off-the-beaten-track pictures like these, gives you a more real feel for a place than the glossy pictures in a travel brochure. Thanks Jake!


I told shawn that if he ate enuf gimchee..he could fly.. but I was only kidding.Anyway Gimchee can prevent sars.

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