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June 16, 2006



Vietnam is the hands down choice for me. I can taste the Goi Cuon and Pho in my mind and it's making me salivate. Perhaps the next great up and coming economy in the region...see it before the boom.

Have Fun !

BTW ...began reading Island of Fantasy...simply GREAT !


Do Cambodia and Laos. You won't regret it. Laos is my favorite trip of all time.

I've done the Phils. and there's no reason to go more than twice


I say northern China, just because it will be most different from south east Asia


I would go to Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. The former wild and developing, the latter as modern and ancient if you care to venture out of Bangkok.

Thanks for your prose on Shawn, such a loss when you consider how treatable affective disorders are...


Check this out:


ALl sound interesting...i think you just came back from the phils...and sometimes you have to push yourself to do new things...but it's well worth it!

So I think anything NEW would be great for you (and anyone too!)

DOn't think too much about crazy! Choose some place you never thought of...maybe burma...maybe laos/cambodia/vietnam...i like these ideas...get out of will be a like a breath of fresh air!



If I was you I would not go back to the P.I., you were just there right? You should go and see S.E. if you can, have you been to Thailand? The islands are nice as is northern Thailand, really great country. See as much as you can of different places is my motto. Vietman, Laos, Cambodia, hit them all dude, take lots of pics and write in your journal. Good luck.


I think you should try going to other places. Maybe places in S.E Asia like Indonesia or Malaysia perhaps? You've just gone to the Phillipines, so if I were you, I probably wouldn't go there. Vietnam would be a nice choice too!


Cambodia, definitely. I can't wait to see the pictures and videos! Places in Indonesia or Malaysia would be really interesting too I think. You might consider the type of weather you would prefer as well.


How about going to North Korea for a change? You'll probably be shocked. :)


If I was you I'd head off to Vietnam and Cambodia, try something new.

Also, are you going to continue your Love and Loss in Sichuan story?

Becky Eller


I've enjoyed reading your blog. I hope your doing well. I will be moving to S. Korea August 01 and am trying to plan a trip to Beijing in October. Your pictures of Guilin are beautiful and I would love to see it for myself but I haven't been able to locate it in my atlas. Can you share more specifics about the location or perhaps there is a different spelling.

Thank you,

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