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June 06, 2006




In case you're wondering, a brown recluse spider is completely harmless. It does not kill. :)


Jake, got me smiling a bit - your grandmother is wise ;).

Glad to see you posting again, on daily happenstances.

Hope your throat gets its full wellness back soon.

Stress can be part of these things, imagine you know, and the main cure for that is to let yourself get enough real relaxation.

Kind regards,
Clive (Narration)


welcome back


In case you're wondering, Billy is wrong. :)

Jake, thanks for sharing about Shawn. I enjoyed his writing. From what I've read, it sounds like you may be responsible for extended his life by inviting him to China, being his friend and helping him out during his previous dark time. Sounds like you were a very good friend and did everything you could for him. So sorry for your loss.


####SORRY### For ?ing U


Jake--in late summer, come down to HK--I'll show you some truly scary spiders! These are big black and yellow ones that build huge webs outside our flat. With their legs spread out they are as big as my palm. You can see their 1/2 cm long mandibles. However, ya gotta figure they eat lots of something to get that big, so I let them stay. After all, we have plenty of centipedes, cockroaches, ants, and other critters that sneak in through the vents and under the doors--the spiders are probably keeping that number down!

Hang in there and keep well. A trick I learned from a singer friend is this: When your voice is getting scratchy or hoarse, drink hot lemon water with honey (can you get lemon juice up there? Or lemons? I assume you can, but I might be wrong). That helps a lot. Actually, I've found that a spoonful of honey really helps to soothe a scratchy throat.

Good to hear from you again.



Oh, yeah, a brown recluse won't KILL you, just turn all your flesh necrotic and rotting.



I drink a big spoon of honey with my coffee. Helps the throat and regularity. EWE



Do you know the whereabouts of "Jon" from Gangnam? Does he have a blog?


Do not know his location, never actually met him.

Anonymous Coward

Jake, keep the posts coming, bro. By linking to your blog, Shawn Matthews has effectively "willed" you a bunch of readers.

Anonymous Coward

BTW, on another blog some guy posted that he has salvaged some of CLB off his HDD:

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