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June 28, 2006


Gregory M. Brown

Hey Guy,

Really a great blog, a real rollercoaster of life, isn't it? I am an American living in Hong Kong and often in China on weekends. Wish you and your g/f great luck! Been in greater china (Taiwan and Hong Kong) for almost 26 years now, and love it in so many ways, no regrets. Wish you continue your blog, sentimental, interesting, and also funny sometimes.

Best wishes,
Mike (as my friends call me)


I'm thinking if you really didn't care about the money, you would sell the stories for an inconsequential fee of say ten cents, simply to confirm the reader has access to a credit card and is thus 18 years of age or older. I don't mind that you're selling the stories, but please don't supply us with false pretenses as to your motivations. With all that said, I'm looking forward to these "adult" stories.

I also find it hard to believe that you are "not interested in the money". Almost everybody on the earth cares about money - that's a fact and there's nothing wrong with it. I think it's reasonable that you charge some fees for your books/stories. Just my opinion, no insult.

girl from ShenYang

Hi, there. I found your blog accidentally while surfing the net. I was born and raised in ShenYang China and am currently working and living in the United States. I just a took a trip back to China last month. I was in BeiJing for a day (which I really hated), then stayed in ShenYang for the rest of the trip.
I never felt I could ever love my hometown so much during my stay there, I mean I can actually see blue sky in the city where in BeiJing the sky color is the same as that of a desert. I was just lucky enough to not experiencing the "famous" sand storm in BeiJing. I couldn't describe how happy I was when I left BeiJing. People trying to rip you off every where in the city and they are terribly rude! On the other hand, when I woke up at my home in ShenYang, I can smell the fresh air, looking at the Wu Li He river from a 10 floor high, I can take a morning run at the Wu Li He river park right across the street. Then go shopping at Carrefour super market down on the other main street. The store is equivalent to a Wal-Mart except that it is bigger and it sells food.

ShenYang has traditionally been a big city for heavy industry, and as that economic sector has declined as for a lot of other cities around the world, the city is actively changing economic infrastructure to geer towards service based businesses. City hard infrastructure has changed and still chaning to attract foreign investments. More and more sky scrapers are being built. The high school I attended, Liao Ning Experimental High is expanding to be the No.1 international school in the whole East Region of China. My teacher, whom I still keep contact with said that the school just got visitors from US to explore the possibility of partnership.
The weather in ShenYang is similar to that of Ohio. distinct summer and winter. It is one of the top 10 biggest city in China. Living is extremely convinient there and people are much more friendly compared to those from BeiJing or ShangHai. I feel people from BeiJing are very much politically red, I can tell that my high school friends who lived there for a long time talk like those government officials, funny a lot of words they use like they are speaking on behalf of the whole China, even in jokes, which makes me very uncomfortable. I feel people in ShenYang are nice, practical, and hardworking, not just because I am from there.
Here is just my input, if anybody have more questions, I am glad to be part of the discussion.

BTW, my home I described above is an apartment resided in the famous/pretigious "River side Garden", which sits between two main streets going downtown, highway going around the city and subburb is right at the back door, and the big Wu Li He park is right across the Wu Ai main street. We got 24 hours security, I mean, you can't get into the "garden" without a residential magnetic card, cause there are guards at both gates. There are also guards in each apartment building. Apartment got 24 hour hot/cold water.

My family got another vacant apartment right next door, if anyone or anyone you know is interested, the rent is as low as 3000RMB a month. short term contract is also possible. (Don't trust those adds that make you pay 5000RMB and up rents, as some people want to charge foreigners higher).

feel free contacting me at

again, nice to find here.:)

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