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August 14, 2006


Andy (美國土子)

OH Jake... you make me pround with your videos of the MTR! Isn't he MTR great? It's so clean, easy to navigate, the stations are so bright modern.. sure beats the paris metro where it smells like piss and full of poorly labeled tunnels and is hot as hell w/o AC. and the triple broadcast of all messages on the MTR... Cantonese, Putong, and Engrish.... love it.

What language do you speak in HK? Puntonghua or English?

As for the African man.. that's a funny story, but there are alot of africans in HK... go down to the Sham Shui Po around the fashion wholesale district, there is a lot of export going to Africa.

How much was the ticket from Beijing to HK? I'm still in Limbo of what to do this December...

Andy (美國土子)

In the bar picture, the top right corner..... I dont know about you, but it looks as if the two girls are about to kiss each other.

Andy (美國土子)

oopsss.. meant top left corner.


Nice, I enjoy the little vids. I also checked your vids on youtube, i especially liked the "is this a shitter?" video, hilarious.


HAHA This is far the most funnist thing I have heard in a long time! From the women at the left of you on the plane to the black guy looking at porn :)

Hope to see more updates on your adventure!

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