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September 02, 2006


Andy 食神

another interesting adventure as always. Nice pics of the beach.

The A-yi's in HK are called "fei yongs" in Cantonese and some of them have pretty crappy conditions. Space is very very very precious in HK and rent is very high.. so often their employers have extremely sub standard living quarters for them... and if they were to rent a place on their own.. well, it wouldn't be affordable.

It's kind of sad.. on Sundays, the day off for the workers, you will see htem all laid out, sitting, and conversing with their friends on blankets all over public places in the city. Sometimes they are just sidewalks under a building. Simply because they hvae no homes and apartments of their own. The street is only place they have and they will stay out on the street hte whole day.

It sucks, but it's the way the world is. some have it (wealth) and some don't.

Not to mention they come on special visas that only allow them to do domestic housework..... so there is basically no way up.


Haha looks like you had a great time there and to be honest I'm not really suprised by the women that approach people ramdonly 'hint'.

Btw the video you showed about the thing your don't know is actually called a 'Bidet' and is for washing your butt after doing a poo and it should clean the poo right off the butt. I wouldn't wash your face in there if I were you lol.

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