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October 20, 2006


yet your English is spot on??


It should be "love chocalate" or "I love chocalate". Even though chocalate usually relates to love and romance, from a translation point of view, this is a bad job.

But this reminds me a phrase people loved to use after watching a Japanese drama years ago, which was "I apple you." In that drama, everytime the couple showed up, there would be a crystal apple somewhere in the scene.

Andy 食神

I don't think they translated Chinese into English, but rather the other way around. They have constructed a catchy English phrase, "I Chocolate You" because it's called the Chocolate phone (it's popular in the States too) and have put a poor Chinese transliteration/translation to it.

愛 (ai) - I,

巧克力 (qiao ke li) - chocolate

o約 (yue) - YOU

The use of 愛 (ai) to represent I is to both represent love for the phone and the phonentic sound.

As far as i can tell, there is no character for 口 + 約, but in Chinese it is common (at least in Cantonese and in other dialects) to place a mouth radical when a word is borrowed for it's phonetic sound (also commonly written with an o in front of it in the online world, o約)... to any extent, they intend "yue" to sound like YOU. Which it really doesn't.

if I were to anglicize the sound, it would be somehting like "I chao kou li you" Good find jake.

Jenny D.

Pretty fun! They just trying to make things fashionable i guess. Hehee. interesting though =^.^=


learn some fucking chinese then come back n brag it u fucking jerk!!!american redneck corny ass!!! i bet u've never seen this kind of banner from ur village.


Have not had a comment like that in a long time...someone needs to get some loving. Do you need a hug Mr. Unknown?

David Scott Lewis

Using "chocolate" as a verb is simply a marketing ploy. Frankly, I think it's kind of clever. Too bad the handset hasn't received very good reviews.

However, the "Any Good Restaurant" thing is pretty funny. In QD, a car wash is called a "Car Bathroom." Again, pretty funny stuff.

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