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November 21, 2006


Anonymous Coward

Condolences and congratulations at the same time. Reading your post makes me recall my own grandmother's death a few years back.

Even the pictures contain familiar elements: a cedar hope chest (looks like a Lane, just like the one my grandmother left us) and the ceramic christmas tree with the light bulb inside (just like the one my grandmother left us).

I'm sorry your wife-to-be could not be welcomed into the family by your grandmother.


I am sorry for your loss, Jake. What a wonderful tribute you paid to your grandmother with your writing and photos. May your grandmother be a fine example of parenting as you and Jiao Jiao embark on your own journey of a lifetime. Congratulations!


I’m so sorry for your loss but thanks for sharing some great memories. The stories and pictures reminded me of my grandmother and her home. Those memories will be better than gold as you get older.

Congrats on the engagement and the best to both of you.


Grandma is very proud of the young man you have become as I am. You made me cry.
Love Mom

Andy 食神

condolences and congratulations


So very sorry for your loss. Grandmothers are some of the very few people that we get total unconditional love from. She will be with you forever and watch over you as move forward in your life.
All the lessons and special things she taught you will be passed on to your children...and so she will always be alive through the generations of your family to come.
Congratulations on your engagement to Jiao Jiao. You two seem wonderful together and will make each other very happy!

Sorry about your Grandma but congratulations on your engagement...nice job picking out a ring.


I just sent you a huge email but wanted to say here, too, what a special homage to your grandmother this post is. Your memories of her are so special and sincere that they sent me into quiet tears. Then you left me beaming when I read about your engagement to Jiao Jiao. I am so incredibly excited for you two and know that I don't have to wish you all the happiness in the world because you already have it!


I am saddened that you feel so bad about your grandma's passing. Having suffered thru my own dad's death and currently watching my mom decline due to Alzheimers I have come to accept this physical death simply as the prelude to our re-birth. ( I am not laying any religion down here just me personal beliefs). I think Grandma is alive and well and her energy lives on to influence the universe. Enough said.

Now for the Really happy stuff...I wish you and Jiao Jiao the most prosperous, happiest, love filled life possible. You scored yourself a 10 + buddy. COngrats !

Classy Freddy Blassie

Jake, I was a longtime reader of Shawn's blog before he linked to yours. I haven't read your blog as faithfully as I used to read Shawn's. But I came back here to look and find that you not only have elevated your writing to a level beyond most people, but that you are actually living a fascinating journey. I'm so sorry to hear of your grandmother, but I also wanted to say congratulations on your engagement; Jiao Jiao is a lovely girl and appears devoted to you. What more could your grandmother have wanted for you than to be youthful, in love, and respectful of people in both the present and past? I know I'm reading this post kind of late, but I hope you get a chance to read this. merry x-mas


Hey Jake, it took me a long time to read this but I am very glad I finally did. Remember when you launched me off your feet and I almost broke my arm so I couldn't go swimming? I haven't been in grandmas house since November and seeing the pictures you took really makes me miss it. I really miss you and can't wait until you come home and get married. I am very excited to meet Jiao Jiao. I hope all is well with you two and I am really glad this was still on your blog. Love always, Shalynn

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