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December 27, 2006



Keep your religion to yourself.

Not everyone wants to go to china and see how they treat those that dear to disagree with the gov't...but you never would you spineless coward, eh?


I'm sure they'll love that gift, how come I didn't get any plane tickets in the mail :(


Jake, been enjoying reading your vblog for a while now. Awesome gift ideas and you and Jiao Jiao look so good together! How will u guys celebrate the new year?

PS Sean, chill dude. Go get a life kid.


Jake i think they are going to love it. plus to see there new soon to be daughter-in-law face to face very nice.

Andy 食神


That is quite an excellent gift! I'm sure they will enjoy all the wonders and odditties of Mainland China!

I'm curious how you fly from Beijing to Idaho? Do you fly AirChina and then a codeshare flight with United or something?


I fly china air to LAX and then I pick up a southwest or horizon flight to Boise.

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