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March 28, 2007



Dude....I hope you stood up and knocked the damn cannuck in the face....that is some gay ass shit. Its funny how a Korean didn't give you a bad first impression but a person who was probably in your shoes a few years earlier. Also, what w/ him not telling you his real name?


Good story thus far...I'd be interested to see more on your impressions of the new country thus take is, you just landed in a new one speaks english (presumably) you must feel excited yet also a fish out of water. What looks different? (albeit just a airport, still descriptions of this new environment, and how you felt... would all add to the phone part...then your first encounter with someone in this new country tries to help you...

Overall, I am enjoying so definitly keep it uP!!

Andy 食神

put it this way.... I think we're better off seeing you on this blog rather than on Karachi Cops!

(it's a show about the Karachi police on this international channel on Dish Network.... COPS Karachi style)


Good start, the chapter reads well. The book should be a good one once you finish.

I guess it's been a year since Shawn ended it, may he rest in peace. Thanks for keeping his memory alive. I always looked forward to his posts.


Jake, nice to know that you are still working on that story. It is so sad that everything Shawn has posted has fallen into pieces. You are the only one who really cares about it and are seriously working on putting the pieces together. I very much appreciated it.

Travel Guy

Love your stuff. American Airlines tends to do that sort of thing all the time. :- )

Big Cat

"Finally, a balding white man, thin with age and joints like bedknobs asked me in a bellowing voice, “Are you Jake Harding?” “Yeah!” “I am Eric Sommer and this is JiHyon, sorry we are late, but there was a lot of traffic.” Immediately, I felt that they were not overly concerned with my situation, that of going overseas for the first time ever, or they would have figured out how to be at the airport on-time. It was not much comfort to know that the only thing that was causing my heart failure, sweating and all-around discomfort was a group of cars and people who were not thinking ahead."

I shook my head when I read that Eric is still arriving late after all these years. I knew Eric Sommer for years in Vancouver and he was always late ....always. And he always had an excuse. I went to Langara College and SFU with him.

He used to call me Big Cat.\

I later invested in a company he started, and then it became impossible to reach him.

Do you have an address for him? He owes me money.

Big Cat

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