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March 08, 2007



Cool first vid. Those ice bikes looked pretty neat and so did the huge ice slides. Was the Korean restaurant the only one in the ice festival?


that video of jiao jiao is a little too much. ha


There were a couple other places that were basically the same. We saw the Korean place first.

Andy 美國土子

Yay! Jiao Jiao say fuck again... "fucking cold". Did she call you a "fucking hippie" at teh bell?

Is that music broadcast throughout the whole park?

Jake, I sent a email about HK places. Have fun..

I know about 4 seperate ppl who will be there next week... I'm so jealous since I get to stay in LA and work. yay!

Andy 美國土子

actually if you have time in HK chck out City Super. it's a super market but they sell all these really tasty internatinoal things... looking for fresh beignets and pastries? go to city super.. they bake them at the market.

Need proscitto slicked off the shank? City super. You can let' say buy a can of coke in Hong Kong packaging, US pacakaging, Korean packaging, Japanese packing... they sell multiple version of there junk.. I love that place.. it's easier to buy gourmet stuff in HK than it is in Los Angeles... there's one at the Lane Crawford Plaza in Causeway Bay and also at the IFC in Central / Hong Kong Station

check out Honeymoon Desert while you're in HK.

stop by Honeymoon Desert while in HK.. they are very good. t hey are all over HK

Andy 美國土子

also visit the Mid Level's escalator area. Take the MTR to Central station and look for the Mid Level's Escaltors.. I think ti's exit J. the whole area is serviced by escalators.. ti's very steeep, but that area is full of bars and restaurants and other stuff... alot of foreigners.. pretty cool.. thre is even a krispy kreme there, though the price is ridiculous at 168 HKD for 2 dozen. That's That's like 23 bucks USD!

Go to SoHo and visit some art galleries.

This just opened a few months ago, the Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill (take Diamond Hill exit, Hollywood Plaza).

go to Prince Edward and look for the Goldfish street / Ladie's Market / Fa Yen Street. The goldfish market is amazing.

If you know someone with a HK Jockey club membership, go visit the racetrack and then walk aruond the stables. very nice.

Hiking is awesome.. try hiking around Sai Kung if Jiao Jiao can handle (you will need to take a bus eastward past Kwun Tong) to Sai Kung.

Andy 美國土子

above all else, my sister reocmmends visiting the new Wetlands Park in Yuen Long...

it's fricking far... KCR West Rail (Yuen Long station), to KCR Light Rail then take the Wetlands Park exit.

I know alot of local stuff to do.. but hard to explain..

Visit big Bhuddha but take the Ngon Ping 360 aerial tram/cable cars.... it's highly recommended to me. I've gone before, but only by bus since the Ngong Ping cable cars had not yet finished buiding.. they are done now.

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