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April 23, 2007


Andy (美國土子)

what a deterrent!

just imagine what pictures they put on bottle of alcohol... drinking causes liver scirrosis.


Yea here in Canada we get the pictures too. Not some of the more graphic ones, but we have the picture of teeth one......and a couple other cancer ones, just not as graphic.


I was thinking about this idea, graphic warnings, while showering this morning. I usually either think there or the toilet. I am not convinced that it is effective. I can think back to how cool we thought the "Green Death" were when we got them in college and the way that we treated the warnings - we became desensitized to them and laughed at them. If there was going to be that warning, we would certainly make some good jokes about those pictures before and during our smoke time.

Would a warning like that stop you from actually smoking?


I never started smoking so I have no idea if they will help you stop smoking. But as someone who doesn't smoke......they certainly stop from starting.

Although if I was smoking, we have a nice add here that has a limp cigarette and the caption is "Smoking causes impudency" Ha..Ha..Ha..

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