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May 26, 2007


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Take care of it and keep it on the road!
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Where can i find things about tigers? i need to know why they are endangered. what they eat. about their reproduction/breeding. their appearence. what they eat. ex..
i need web. sorces. thanks a lot

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The sea can accommodate all, so we just to see the sea, our heart is infinitely more freedom and broad!


It's so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great!

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Comparison, more than reality, makes men happy or wretched. Do you think so?

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When I was in high school, we used to love going in after school to watch the python eat a rabbit...was that abuse as well? I am certain we would not have gotten the snake to eat salad. haha

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Woah! That is so scary!

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PETA should take action on this animal abuse.

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