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May 14, 2007



I think these pictures are great! Its going to be a hard to choose which pics to use. But if there was one picture that I didn't like as much as the others it would be the one where your both wearing the 'western' style and your girl is in the long sleeved wedding dress in the garden. HTH. And congratulations!


Dscf9145 is the best picture.
closly followed by Dscf9099, Dscf9109 and Dscf9143.

worst is Dscf9101 imho. but all others are very fine too. just this one does look a bit awkward.

anways ... happy wedding and good luck.


I agree with Jacen. 9145 is really very good as your future bride cuts her eyes at you and you are about to kiss the woman of your dreams; 9110 is also one of my favorites. Great photos of two photogenic people! Will you marry soon?


First, I'd better admit that (like you) I'm not big on the whole wedding picture business. But you've asked for some feedback on the pictures, so here it is:

Forget about all the Western white-gown pictures. To a White guy like me, the traditional white Western dress is dull, boring, and common. Been there, seen that.

So I'd go with one of the Chinese traditional-dress pictures. But dscf9145 is definitely not the best picture. The composition is poor, and the photo itself is a little cheesy. I mean, you look like the wolf ready to pounce on Little Red Riding Hood!

The best picture is 9148. Jiao Jiao's full beauty shines through, you look great, and the rich texture of Chinese culture frames both of you. And, if this photo is for wedding invitations, the conservative Chinese will appreciate a picture in which Jiao Jiao looks more enthusiastic about the wedding than you do.


These are fantastic! (Maybe that's because you're more photogenic than you think; this is the first time I've seen you making a normal face in a picture!)

I have two favorites: the one where Jiao Jiao's wearing the red veil and you two are looking at each other and the one where you're wearing white, sitting and Jiao Jiao's holding blue and white flowers. She is breathtakingly gorgeous in all of them, of course, so it doesn't matter which ones you use. I'm just so happy for you two!

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