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July 27, 2007



Thanks for sharing your lovely wedding photos. Priceless.


errr ... i couldn't reach your blog a few days ago. was the problem on my end or was it really down? same went for clb which i checked shortly after.


Hi found your Harbin video on YouTube... needs editing. More pictures and video, less talking!

Congrats on the wedding; all the luck in the world to ya


Congratulations to you two! I've been holding out on emailing until I knew you were back from the honeymoon. You both looked great! So wish I could have been there!

u 2 r blessed!!


i was looking for a picture of filipino breakfast and i was brought to the photo of fried bangus, egg and rice in your blog and i also saw this post. . .
wow the wedding pledge was so romantic.

congratulations to both of you!

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