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September 04, 2007


Andy 美國土子

the bear drinking the soda was awesome. it's like Yogi bear in real life


Jake: I'm now in Beijing in Haidian District! Do you happen to know of a good real estate agent for finding a decent, clean one bedroom in this area? The 3 apts. I looked at today were crappy with a capital "C"!!! Thanks for any helpful hints you can provide!


Unfortunately, I do not know of a person in Haidian...It is far from Wang Jing. You might want to bump your price up a bit or just be patient, refuse the shit until they give you what you want.

I have seen a lot of bad apartments in my time!!!

Eventually, you will find something suitable...but China is not as cheap as it once was!!!


Jake: Thanks for your advice! The first 3 apts were shit with a capital "S"! But this morning we found the perfect 2 bedroom at only 2500 in a great neighborhood in Haidian. check out the pics at My blog on typepad is thanks to your advice. My other blog is on the blocked blogspot site.

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