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November 14, 2007


Andy 美國土子

please jake.. the Hong Kong MTR is overpriced and thus not crowded? There are 2.5 million journeys each day on the MTR. I find it crowded. The only time when it is not crowed is after the morning rush hour...

or very late in the evenings, which they adjust the train frequency to keep the trains cars at a moderately filled capacity.

or perhaps you're referring to the Airport Express line, where it is overpriced such that few ppl ride it. If you are referring to that airport express line I agree.


The subway in Japan is really nice and generally everyone can afford it. (It is crowded during rush hour though.)

Japan also has a train line (JR line) which is likewise very clean and used by all locals.

The bullet trains in Japan are super expensive but employers pay for them for you (to and from work) but others pay a small fortune.

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