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February 04, 2008



Nice pics, I imagine Hong Kong was much more tolerable in the winter time than in the Summer. Someone told me that even when it's not very cold, they seem to overdress in HK, was that true?

Andy (美國土子)

Jake what you are eating is called 牛什 (Yale: ngaau jaap), which basically means "assorted cow (parts)". Good stuff... $10 HKD isn't that cheap.. it varies, but $10 HKD is on the high side... probably cause TST rent is high.

The crab claws are called 炸蟹 gong (Yale: ja haai gong). I can't find the last character, but basically, "fried crab claws".

In HK it's pretty much routine on certain days for crowd control. TST station becomes an exit only station and Jordan becomes an entry station.

Stephen, I go to Hong Kong every december, and when it is below 74/72 degrees... the parkas and scarves come out. it is hilarious.

Andy (美國土子)

cool pic Jake.... that is the University in the background and the Cross Harbor Tunnel in Hung Hom.

the first picture looks like it's outside the Hung Hom station.

I really wish I could have metup with you.... wish I had checked my email.

seems like you two had a good time.

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