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April 21, 2008



Scary stuff. Has it gotten worse since when I was there in 2005?


Hey Jake! I view your blog by proxy, of course, as my blog is also typepad. I'm certainly not knocking your comments here....but my experiences here have been great; and living in Fengtai District, I'm living among some of the poorest in Beijing, mostly transplanted "Beijingers." I hesitate to ever move from my now comfort zone in the "hood." I'm not very political when it comes to Chinese government and their choices. Mainly, I feel it's not my business as a guest in this amazing country. I do wonder, though, if I will share your views at some point in the future as I hope to live here for several years. So far, 8 months in, the experience remains amazing and one that I'm very grateful to be having. Cheers! :) T.


I've been wondering what it's been like in Beijing. I just read about these new visa/residence permit requirements, too. Crazy stuff, but not surprising. As I read it I was thinking of those conversations we used to have about how they'd fix everything up for the Olympics. It sounds like we weren't too far off based on a lot of the stuff that I've read. Even when I came back in 2006, it was a shame to see everything they'd torn down in advance of the Games. The violence really scares me, though. I used to walk around by myself at 3:00 a.m. without a worry! Nuts. Anyway, I hope you're well. When are you and Jiao Jiao coming to Europe?!


As I was already getting tired of giving my opinions on Tibet, the Chinese government, Olympics etc. etc., I happened to find your blog. They're just opinions, and here are my two cents.

I was never known as a "red commie" or ever identify myself as one, until after I came to the US, when more and more often I actually quite agree with what our government and people are doing back home. After the riot in Tibet, the group of people who felt most strongly about this was not the Chinese in China, but those overseas, the most pissed ones among which, are the students.

Of course, the Chinese inside China are safely protected from all kinds of sickly biased and distorted reports about China. For a long while, there was not even one single report, or even one statement that has anything positive or constructive to say about China. Everyday I hear the US media barking blatant lies about China, about how people are opressed by the government and how minorities are opressed by the Hans. Having come from an automonous region, I KNOW most of the stuff are simply not true! But there was no other voices! Whenever there were a few Tibetan or Uyghur protesters on the streets, the media would go on and on and on about their pathetic woeful stories, ignoring THOUSAND of indignant Chinese students just across the street trying to voice a different opinions. All the reports were about how violently the protesters were opressed in Tibet; not a single one about how many innocent people (including a few Tibetans) killed by the rioting thugs. Is a Han Chinese' life worth less than a Tibetan's or an American's? Why is it that whenever the westerners speak up their minds, it's called "freedom of speech", and when the Chinese speak up for the first time, it's called "being brain-washed"? While the democracy advocators were accusing of China's propaganda, maybe they should think twice about maybe they themselves have been brainwashed by our own China-phobic media like CNN and FOX.

Having said all that, if you were on any major US university campuses during that time, you would have understood how indignant and involved EVERY single Chinese student was. And writing the characters "Free Tibet" in front of a camera and all her fellow Chinese friends, to me, was just pure stupidity, especially when later she claimed that she didn't even believe in freeing Tibet. So she single-handedly invited the entire drama herself. And I'm sorry to say, for morons like these, I have not the least sympathy. I do feel bad for the parents who have raised such a daughter and wasted all that money on her expensive western education. It's compeletely useless if she cannot even make the simpliest judgement call in a black and white situation like this. Have they forgotten to teach her one of the most important lessons in life? If you don't have anything better to say, just keep your mouth shut. The parents must feel so ashamed for what had happened, as they should be. And FYI, it was the PSB who ordered the angry people to stop dumping fecies on their doorway and helped them clean up the whole place. Of course you wouldn't find that bit of info from our most trusted US media.

And about Chinese people's arrogance, here's how I feel about the arrogance I see in this dream country of freedom:

Andy (美國土子)

I'm curious, but illicit activities at KTV, spas, and hair salons are blatant. How do they get away with that? Do they just haul away the girls every once in a while for show?

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