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May 01, 2008



The story about the American being attacked outside of Carrefour did not make the papers here. It does not surprise me though. When I reported my incident to the embassy they told me they hear stories like that all the time.

Your description of Chinese Nationals acting like they are “above reality” really hit the nail on the head. I truly hope foreigners are impressed by Beijing this summer. Otherwise, they run the risk of inciting a riot when they interrupt the massive self congratulatory circle jerk festival that will be going on; Jack Caff is turning out to be quite the oracle.

Generally speaking I like China and Chinese people. But if I read one more article containing ad hominem arguments to defend China’s behavior my head is going to explode.

As a side note, to avoid being assaulted by a “flaming” national that may stumble across your blog and interpret your previous entry as criticism of his “Coming-out party”, you might want to change a couple of things; the Manchus ran China during the Qing Dynasty, not the Mongolians. The Mongolians got to have their way with the motherland during the Yuan Dynasty.


Your comments were very interesting and hit home a bit!ha ha I've recently been told by a taxi driver that the street I live on in Fengtai (although barely across the line from Haidian) is pretty much the "red light" district! ha Must be all those cute little hair salons I see where no one is actually getting their hair cut. And he also said that folks in Fengtai aren't Beijingers, they're outsiders coming in to work in Beijing. Whatever....I love my little "hood." :) Regarding landlords, I rented my apartment from the "sister" of the owner! ha But all is on the up and up and when I registered at my friendly local police station, both sisters came there with me and even asked my permission to go with me back to the apartment as they wanted to retrieve something from the locked third bedroom (even though they have keys and can come in at any time). I am friends with the sister's daughter and have helped her out with her University English studies so I suppose I've made a few brownie points there. All in all, I feel pretty fortunate to be renting from good folks. But the most important question I have is this? Why are you leaving your school? You have other things in mind? And since you're married to a Chinese woman, I thought you could get some sort of "dependent" visa due to that union? I'm pretty fortunate as my Z doesn't expire until October of this year, well after the Olympics but we have several folks who are having to travel back to their home countries to convert to the Z and they have to do it before July 1, which is when we hear no one will be able to get back in without lots more hassles. We hear that HK is temporarily out of the Z visa business altogether (at least for Beijing) until after the Olympics. Cheers to you and your lovely wife and I hope you keep blogging! :)

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