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August 06, 2008



Beautiful Hong Kong. Have fun!


Sweet pics!


Typepad is unblocked! Wow! Woo hoo! :) What's going with you and your plans? You gonna move back to the States? Tell us all soon, okay? :) Traveling to Xian tomorrow night by train to see the sights! Very excited! This may be my last year in Beijing so I'm checking things off on my list! :) Cheers, T.


Ever going to post again?

Andy (美國土子)

haven't stopped by in a lnog time Jake. How often do you have to do a visa deal? Is there a way to stay in china permanently since you've married jiao jiao?


Hey! Over 2 months without a post! what's going on with you and yours? what cha up to?


It was nice to read the post from this blog, but I will not be checking back from now on.

hong kong

Jake died.


Hong Kong, NOT FUNNY!


What did happen? Surprised that he didn't leave a final message if he was going to stop blogging...

Seoul Searching

Something may have happened to him. I had a look at his account and he hasn't logged on to Youtube for about the same amount of time. Jake, you around? Let your blog readers know how you're doing.


Okay, Jake! Time to let your blog buddies in on what's going on! ha You and yours living in America now? Just a little tidbit so we know all is well would be great! :) Missing your posts, T.

Chelsea (age 11)

Here's my guess: marriage failed


hopefully not, but its either that or some serious accident...........


Chelsea wrote:

"Here's my guess: marriage failed."

Yeah, that's what I was thinking also.

Also, didn't he ride a motorbike in China? That's not the brightest thing to be doing in China - very dangerous!

Jake - you around!


Its scary what you can find out about people on google...looks like he is gone back to the USA.

CNN Link

Not sure if this is the school he was working at, but must be unless there is another American named Jake Harding that is teaching english and heading back the USA at around the same time

Come on jake update, hopefully you will continue your blog back in the USA, Been a fan since when you first started and Shawn linked his blog to yours.


Just to point you out one thing: Mei Shi is more like "Nothing". Mei = No, Shi = Thing. No Problem can be translated as "Mei Wen Ti". Wen Ti = Problem.


Hopefully he will continue the blog. I also have been a fan since Shawn linked this blog. Hopefully everything is okay.


Kind of weird how Jake suddenly abandoned his blog. No warning or anything and he just disappeared.


Jake....are you gone for good? Can you just give us a shout out and let us know you and yours are okay? T.


Okay...I'm giving up the ghost, Jake! ha If you get the notion, email me. Otherwise, please know I've enjoyed your blog and the times we've communicated by email. I wish only the best for you and your wife and whatever adventure you are currently living! :) So long my internet friend! Teresa


What went wrong with the guy?

He wrote regularly and then just disappeared and doesn't even look to read or respond to messages left here.

Doesn't this seem strange?


He returned to the USA with his wife. Click the link...

Not So Fast!!!!!!!!!


He returned to the USA with his wife. Click the link...

What does this mean?

Why'd he drop out here then - you didn't explain that???


It would be great if Jake could drop us a update.

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