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August 04, 2008



If it is at all possible to have money directly deposited into Bank of America I would do that. You can then withdraw it at China Construction Bank ATMs for free. They will automatically convert your dollars into RMB.

You seem to choose to live in a country that you really hate, huh? Funny...


Maybe we should have the American Banks counsel them...oh wait ..that would mean they would bankrupt the country...bad idea. You are living in a society and culture that has little experience with customer srrvice...give them time. I would rather have that than what we have in America..criminal enterprises masquerading as banks !


You're a typical stupid fat whiny white guy


Wang is a typical stupid scrawny faggy Chinese guy.

Yen Shan

To Whoever wrote the lead article: Thanks a million!! I'm headed to Nanning in May to teach and, may I say, you have saved me much concern and future grief! You're a winner! Sam, Fla


Yo, I feel your pain. I almost punched a guy in the face several years back when I was trying to wire some money back to the states. However, its not just the bank of china idiots who appear to be minus a brain. I went to a bank in qingdao and politely pulled my ticket and sat down. The tellers shut off their lights and began closing the gates. I looked at them with displeasure and asked them to quickly take care of my transaction, which was a simple withdrawl. The teller told me that the bank was closed and i informed him that I was in the bank well before closing. The branch manager walked over and I assumed he would quickly have the teller help me out. Instead he told me to leave. I was stunned, floored and very pissed off. I showed him my ticket stub in a last ditch effort to get some of MY MONEY. He realized that they had made a mistake and forced the nearest teller to give me my money while he barked orders at them for not going fast enough. Crazy stuff.



I tried to wire some money to my bank in England from the BOC. I had all of the details etc but was told I cant do it, and get this!! the reason the teller gave me - "I cant be bothered ehlping you with the documents, go to another bank". At this point I got angry and complained to the manager who replied with "I don't know how to do this" and ended up suggesting I dont' bother trying. Made me laugh it was so pathetic.

Another example, I changed some money to Hong Kong dollars for a 2 day trip. There was no problem with this apart from the numerous things I had to sign as well as passport copies etc.
I then came to the very same bank 2 days later with my left over money to convert back to RMB and was told "we cant accept those notes, they are not new enough". These were to f'ing notes they gave me in the first place

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Are they insane?! This is a low chance of winning.


I have been living in Shanghai for over 5 years and I still couldnt get what the hell is going on with these country systeme esp. banking system. There is no such customer service sense or even a basic function for banking provider. They claim that they are powerful country but i think its only a tons of people with quantity but not quality! I had a really extremely bad experince with Bank of China so called national bank shit!

1. I lost my debit card for two days, my thought was it impossible for anyone can cash my money without knowing my password. Anyway so today i went to bank of china counter on Gudai road and ask them to issue an new debit card for me. They said its going to take 15 working days to have a new debit card (anyway its china) what can i say. So i said no problem I will wait, then i cash some money out by bookbank and apply for a new card. They said oh we cant do it today because its going to be long holidays soon. I said no problem I can wait. Again they said no you cant do it today why dont you come back after holidays etc with some shit excuses. Anyway fine! i will come back. Its china again.

Anyway so I updated my book bank and found out that someone is using my debit card and cash some money today after I went to the counter. So I called customer service number as said for emergency. I have been waiting on the line for more than an hour, I want to see who will pick up so I use my landline and let it keep rigning. I give up!I am so fed up living in these country ...........

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Yuan bank is the worst institution I've ever seen !

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