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July 30, 2009


Andy (美國土子)

Hello Jake.. good to see you're all and well.

Xin Xin

what do you study?


Well that is good news. Nice to see you are well and may being to blog again. Welcome back :)


ugh...too early in the morning...*begin* not being. :)


Good to hear from you!


wow good to hear from you again Jake! Its sad to not have a update on how your adventure in China ended but you new adventure in the US sounds very busy indeed. Hope you keep us updated on your journey in life.

John from Daejeon

Damn, it was like you dropped off the face of the planet--no posts for almost a year. Glad to hear that everything is going well.

So, are you getting a Master's to get become an administrator at an international school and make the big bucks?

Good luck in whatever endeavor you have planned.

Nick Webroyalty

Very good posting. I just love it.
Good luck man with your work. :)

Nick Webroyalty

Very good posting. I just love it.
Good work. :)

Nick Matyas

Very informative post. I liked it. Thanks for your posting. :)


come and help china,russia atack


Will you be blogging again or have you thrown in the towel.



What's up and do you plan to return to teach EFL again in China or Korea?

oakland dui lawyer

Good for you then. Take care and take it easy.

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